Samuel Bugeja 1920-2004

The Silent Artist

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The Future

This statue, sculptured in pine wood deals with looking at the future.

From a fairly straight tree trunk, Samuel Bugeja created many features and depicted his interpretation of the future.

The Future’s face has her eyes closed, concentrating on what the future could hold for her. At the same time, she has her hair partially blocking one of the eyes indicating she would like to block some of what she sees. The Future also has her hand held up against her face with her palm facing outwards. This is indicating a stop and a push back to what she could be seeing or indeed caution. The artist has blended all these messages is a creative way.

Looking further down, one can see that the woman is still intending to move forward into the future, yet her other hand is on her leg protecting from moving too fast. This also depicts a cautious approach towards her future. But moving forward one must.

A highly interesting subject that probably provides some insight of Samuel Bugeja’s outlook to life.