Samuel Bugeja 1920-2004

The Silent Artist

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Unfinished Mother and Child

This work of art is sculptured in mahogany wood, an unusual material not usually used by Samuel Bugeja. Only the ‘La Divina Commedia’ was sculptured in mahogany wood by Samuel Bugeja.

There was a period within the artists’ life that his focus to create his own interpretation of a Mother and Child, led to three different similar creations. One remembers Samuel Bugeja explaining that besides the love between mother and child, artistically one statue focused on the in depth and different types of creases and folds within the woman’s cloak. The other statue was focused on the tenderness of the child and the love shared by the mother. Whilst this mahogany study was intended to show the mother’s concentration of her child’s future.

This statue unfortunately was never finished, yet one can see what the artist had in mind.