Samuel Bugeja 1920-2004

The Silent Artist

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This beautiful work of art, created in pine wood, is one of Samuel Bugeja’s most highly regarded work. The way the little child is holding onto his mother, whilst she is so lovingly holding her precious baby is so very powerful.

"Maternity shows a female that has already been through the extraordinary experience of maternal delivery – she embraces her child who in turn caresses her cheeks leading to an evolving assembly of dynamic movement that gives momentum and life to the group yielding a splendid reality brimming in poetry". Chev Vincenzo Pellegrini

“The work overflows with profound sentiment, and a romantic fervour restrained by classical discipline. It evokes elegance, tenderness, gentle sweetness, harmony and unity. Concealed inside it is a warm heart that vibrates with compassion, kindness and love”.
National Museum of Fine Arts (Valletta, Malta).