Samuel Bugeja 1920-2004

The Silent Artist

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An Angel

This work of art created by Samuel Bugeja was sculpted in pine wood during 2003. This was his last sculpture as in 2004, Samuel Bugeja passed away.


One can see the change of the artist’s technique over the many years when one compares this work with ‘The Monk’, his very first stand-alone wooden statue. This statue shows how the use of the chisels was applied to create a smooth surface, indeed one can hardly see the marks of the chisels. To achieve this level of smoothness requires enormous patience and skill. What is interesting in this statue is to see how the artist could ‘see’ one small piece of tree trunk could be turned into this creation. Good to note that Samuel Bugeja used to be a ‘hoarder’ of any fallen trunks that could be found on the ground in the country side. Each trunk meant a statue with a clear image in the artist’s mind.